(Josh Kincade, Dan DiMarino, Andy McDermott, Ryan DeNisco, Amy Luke, and Jaye McBride)

"This is long overdue, but I wanted to thank you for organizing the comedy show for me. I went home that night with over $1400.

It turns out that is the same amount that O.R. Charges to have your eye removed. In a round about way you guys paid for that."                                                        - Tom Alfeld

Give a bit. Laugh a lot.


(Andy McDermott, Amy Luke, Jared Whiteford, Jody Lee, Jim Felter and Rich Williams)

Over $2850 raised.

Roast Madness 2018 - ASK - KINGSTON, NY

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in Kingston NY.

Produced by

David Britton and Andy McDermott

Tom Alfeld - Local Carpenter - Athens NY
Tom is a local Carpenter and when a wood working accident left him one eye shy of a pair, we held a comedy show to help him raise the funds towards the care he needed. 
Over $1400 raised.

(Catherine Mollie, Ryan DeNisco, Barbara Quick, Dan DiMarino and Andy McDermott)


More Than Jokes offers Comedians of all varieties from all over the state of New York and New Jersey. These comics include regulars at comedy clubs, award winners, and TV personalities.

mission & Vision

Everyone loves to laugh, why not help raise money for your cause with a comedy show? There are literally hundreds of amazing comedians around you who are willing to help your cause!

Amy Luke - President of B.R.A.I.N. - Kingston NY
B.R.A.I.N. is a non-profit organization that helps teach children about brain injury awareness. Amy reached out to raise money for a comic book to be published that the children created themselves!

Their work is now being rendered by some of the talented artists that have worked with Marvel and DC Comics!.

More importantly, this helped the kids stayed involved and learn valuable lessons about "Brain safe choices."

Over $1500 raised in the first quarter.

Over $2200 raised in the second quarter!

Over $2300 raised in the third quarter!

Feeling Funny?

         Medical bills can leave an overwhelming feeling in someone's heart, and no one should have to feel that financial burden if they are also dealing with being sick. Our goal is to help alleviate that stress, and help people put their focus on what matters, getting better.              


         Founding this organization is something that is a dream to me. I'm combining my two loves, making people laugh, and helping worthy charities and individuals.

Previous Clients:

Andy McDermott

"The comedy show that More-Than-Jokes produced was more than amazing it was phenomenal! Andy McDermott has a stellar attitude on and off stage.  He was easy to work with when organizing our first fundraiser. Not only can he provide the comedy he has all the equipment for a professional show; stage, lights and sound system. He even went out of his way to produce a short video about our organization to be viewed before the show.
Without Andy and his team of comedians our first fundraiser wouldn't have been what it was and it was AWESOME!

 -Founder and President: Amy Luke

Be Real About Injuries Now
(B.R.A.I.N.) Programs Inc.
501c3 non profit organization

What we provide

More Than Jokes brings the show to you! Have a venue in mind? We'll work with them to set up the show you want! We provide the lights, the stage, the sound, and of course, the ENTERTAINMENT!

"Andy McDermott and his team at More Than Jokes volunteered to do a fundraiser event to help me bring the Taylor Hooton Foundation to our local schools to educate youths about the dangers of anabolic steroids  . He walked me threw all steps and gave me pointers on how to make this successful. He went above and beyond to help me raise the money in memory of my husband for my cause. He is by far the most generous, unselfish, caring and patient person that I have ever come to cross paths with. All who attended  were blown away by the talent and enjoyed the show. They had the whole room laughing! More Than Jokes has helped me raise $2850.00. I have met my goal and with extra to have a scholarship for a student at graduation in June in memory of my husband Steven J Quick. Thank you Andy and team. You are all amazing and generous! Definitely a group to contact for all your fundraising events."

-Barbara Quick
Taylor Hooton Foundation Speaker

(Amy Luke, Jimmy McDonald, Marcus Givan, Andy McDermott, and Catherine Mollie)